How to Calculate Mean in Excel

How to Calculate Mean in Excel

Hey Guys, Can you got a problem calculating mean in excel. so, don’t worry we can help to solve it. now ms excel is easy to read our blog.

Excel is a spreadsheet program by which anyone can analyze difficult data quickly and efficiently. Mean is one of the most popular and crucial methods for analyzing and organizing values.

These are some ways to calculate the mean in Microsoft Excel

AVERAGE – calculates the average of the selected numbers

AVERAGE – calculates an average of cells with any data (Boolean, numbers, and text values).

AVERAGEIF – used to find an average of numbers depending on a single criterion.

AVERAGEIFS – performs the same function as AVERAGEIF but is based on multiple factors.

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How is mean calculated in Excel?

You can calculate in so many ways, so take a look at some ways to find the mean of the entire data set in excel.

The Syntax used to find the mean of a data set in Excel is =AVERAGE(

Follow the steps to calculate the mean:

  • Input data into Excel spreadsheet

Firstly, input all your data on the Excel spreadsheet. You can either enter it by hand, that is, by typing our every information yourself on Excel or you can export your data.

 If you are doing it by hand, remember to type out your data accordingly forming rows and columns to calculate the mean. Otherwise, you can export the data from another platform, which is comparatively convenient when it comes to large amounts of data.

  • If you are exporting data, reorganize your spreadsheet as required

This step is not for you if you are designing the data yourself and inputting the values by hand. However, in case you import the data from another program, you might have excess information which you won’t need that will end up disrupting the entire process of mean calculation. You can either delete the excess data if you don’t need it or simply select the portion of information you need for the time being and keep the rest.

  • Select a cell where the mean will be displayed after a calculation

The calculation of the mean is done on the same spreadsheet in which you are entering your data. Select a separate cell so that no previously entered data is lost while you are analyzing. The best suggestion would be to use the cell at the bottom of the data, just the one below the last column with the data.

  • Enter the formula = AVERAGE(

The Syntax used for finding mean is =AVERAGE(

This is the direct formula that you can type or you can select AVERAGE from the formula dropdown box. The dropdown box contains all the calculation formulas and processes by default.

  • Select the range that contains the value you want to calculate

Next, you have to select the cells that contain the range of data whose mean you want to find. For instance, say you want to calculate the mean for column C, rows 2 through 20.

The formula on the excel screen will appear somewhat like =AVERAGE(C2:C20)

  • End the calculation with the closing bracket ) and press Enter

End the calculation by closing the bracket – =AVERAGE(C2:C20). The last step is to hit the Enter button, following which Excel will automatically perform the calculation.

These were the steps that you have to follow to find the mean in an Excel spreadsheet. We hope this article was helpful.

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