How to Create an Invoice in Excel

How to create an Invoice in Excel

May it be a small business or a huge enterprise, maintenance of invoices is mandatory for an organisation’s smooth functioning and professional working. An invoice is an arrangement of a set of goods and services transacted during a specific period. Invoice gives a clear idea about the working of the business and all the events that happened. Therefore it is very crucial to have obligated invoice maintenance and updating system. 

Invoice can be created both in soft and hard copies(On a piece of paper- handwritten). However, as the business grows, the handwritten maintenance of invoices doesn’t seem feasible.

In the further read, you will understand how to create an invoice using Excel. 

Steps to create an Invoice using Excel are as follows (Using Templates)

Step 1: Download, Install and log in to Microsoft Excel. 

For downloading you should visit the official website of Microsoft apps and download Microsoft Excel. Using the Microsoft email id, register yourself for smooth functioning and assured security for your files.

Once installation and registration are done, you are ready to go for your invoice preparation.

Step 2: Browse through the inbuilt invoice templates and select one.

Microsoft Excel has some inbuilt, designed invoice templates. These templates are designed to be diverse for different purposes. Depending on your client type, business type and considering other parameters select the appropriate template.

Step 3: Edit the selected invoice template.

Now, you are good to go with your editing part.

1. At first type the Name and logo of your enterprise.

2. After that add the service/product details of your business. This should include the contact details as well.

3. Don’t forget to add the client details representing the invoice. It is a better practice to have a unique invoice number for every document.

4. Be specific and don’t exaggerate things.

5. Stay honest with the amounts and transactions that have happened.

6. Mention the payment date, type, model and other pending dues too.

7. Prepare your complete invoice with every specification required for addressing the client’s doubts.

8. Mention due dates and taxes neatly and in an understandable manner.

Step 4: Store Invoice in both .xls and .pdf format.

Generally, the invoice is sent in a pdf format as it is non-editable. However, we should have an excel copy of every invoice. To maintain the chances to edit and revisit the calculations. Maintenance of prepared invoice is mandatory to complement ease for audits and tax calculations. 

Therefore make sure you save your invoice in both formats.

Step 5: You are now ready to send the invoice to the client.

You can send your invoice professionally through the mail. Emails are preferred for invoice delivery as it holds a record with security. However, at many organisations, a fax is used to deliver an invoice to the clients.

How to create an invoice using Excel on a Mac?

The steps mentioned above define how to create an invoice using Excel templates in the windows. The main difference to the Mac processor is, in Mac, you need to download Microsoft Excel – Mac version. Rest every step are similar.

1. Download and install Microsoft Excel.

2. log in to Excel.

3. Click on the new file.

4. Template page gets generated.

5. Select the appropriate invoice template.

6. Edit the template.

7. Save in both excel and pdf format.

8. Send it to your client professionally.

9. Don’t forget to follow invoice standards and format.

How to create an invoice using Excel?

Well, using templates creates the ease of creating an invoice. However, if you want to make your unique invoice format, it’s great. 

Follow these steps mentioned below to create an invoice

1. Open excel (Blank).

2. Edit the blank excel. Insert Name, logo and contact details of your business.

3. Enter the client details.

4. Properly add the service or goods transactions.

5. Mention every tax and rate details properly with accurate dates.

6. Check everything before you save it and send it.

7. Save in both PDF and .xls format.

8. Send it to your client.

9. You are done!

Invoice making is so easy now! Isn’t it?

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