How to lock cells in excel

How to lock cells in excel

Cells are the units in the excel file that are used to store the input data. Furthermore, these cells are then used to format the sheet in order to make necessary changes and manipulation. Analyzing data becomes efficient due to the cell structure. Each cell is made of 64 pixels in size and consists of similar units of data storage. Cells are identified according to the naming convention as we do in the matrix methodology. Each row and column name is considered while referring to a single cell.

Why lock cells in Excel?

As mentioned, cells are essential data. Generally during the shareable formatting file users often require the common data. The modification of such common or regular data isn’t required at every formatting or editing level. In such cases, the admin locks the cell in order to protect the data in that particular cell. Therefore this locking feature really gives a feasible approach for modification and alignment of data/information.

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Here we will look into the detailed procedure used to lock cell in Excel:

Step 1: Select the particular cell you aspire to lock.

Step 2: Now visit the Home tab in the workbook ribbon and go for the Alignment feature.

Step 3: Here you need to click the little arrow that opens the Format Cell dialogue box.

Step 4: Visit the protection tab and mark the given checkbox staying LOCKED.

Step 5: Now click on OK and close the dialogue box.

Note: We need to protect the workbook in order to make cells eligible to be locked. Elsewhen we try the above procedure In the case of nonprotected worksheets, we encounter that the check box is already marked.

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Steps to Protect the Sheet and the Excel workbook are as follows:

Step 1: Visit the Review tab.

Step 2: Now go for Changes group.

Step 3: Here users need to click on either of two options

1. Protect Sheet, 2. Protect Workbook

Protection is something that encrypts the sheet with a password. However, there are also possibilities where users can unlock the cells even after the protection is done. It is recommended that lock the cells before you go for Workbook Protection. Sometimes locking a file is more preferred than locking cells, as it adds to the password security function.

Want to freeze a group of top cells? For example a row?

In order to make a particular row or column noneditable, users need to select those cells at the first instant. This can be done by scrolling till the end of the row cell.

Now after the selection is done. Users now need to click on the view option available on the top.

Now go for the vertical drop-down freeze panes and select the freeze top row. Using this method users can make the first row completely noneditable and preserve the data. There are various other options in the freeze panes tab. One can explore the features and other methods to lock cells in Excel.

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