How to Make a Box and Whisker Plot in Microsoft Excel

How to Make a Box and Whisker Plot in Microsoft Excel

A box and a whisker graphic illustrate data distribution during statistical data processing. You may simply make one with Microsoft Excel. If you deal with data in Microsoft Excel, it’s a clean and beautiful method to show the data. Excel provides various kinds of diagrams, from diagrams to bar charts to line diagrams.

A box and a whisker chart is the kind you need to deal with statistical data. We will teach you how to construct a TV and a whisker plot in Excel if you’ve never done one before, double-check and modify the calculation for display.

What’s a Whisker Plot and Box?

A box and a whisker plot is a chart that shows a five-number summary of information. This diagram works well to display statistical data such as school grades or scores, before and after process modifications, or numerical data comparison scenarios.

The box displays the first quartile to the third quartile with a line in the middle on the median to view a box and whisker plot. The whiskers are minimal or maximum from every quartile.

  • Minimum: The lowest value in a collection of data.
  • First quartile: the mean value from the minimum to the medium – 25th percentile.
  • Median: median data set value
  • Third quartile: median and maximum—75 percentile of the median value.
  • Maximum: the most significant data set value

Create your Microsoft Excel Box and Plot for Whiskers

Everything begins with your data, like any other chart or graph in Excel. Open the Excel file and table containing your data set. Follow the following procedures to construct the box and plot of whiskers.

  • Choose your information. Simply click the first cell and hold down your mouse button while dragging through the other cells, or click the top-left cell while holding down the Shift key and
  • Then clicking on the bottom suitable cell to make a selection.
  • Click Insert Statistical Chart in the Chart part of the belt and choose Box and Whisker.

Customize your box and plot for Microsoft Excel

You may now modify your box and plot with several settings, much like other Excel charts. Choose your box plot, and a small menu containing Chart Elements and Chart Styles buttons appears on the upper right.

  • Elements of Chart

In this section, you may choose the chart components, such as an axis, a title of the chart, a data label, and a legend. And some of the features allow you to do more. For example, if you want a code, you may choose where it should be on the chart.

  • Styles of Chart

This area allows you to alter the look of the chart. You may choose from various designs and colors to add pizazz to your chart. If you put your cursor over any style or color theme, you will see how your box plot looks. If you discover what you want, just click to choose the modification, and you will see the changes in your chart instantly.

  • Shift or resize your chart

To transfer your box and whisker plot to a different place in the tablet, pick it and drag your chart to its new position when the four-side arrow appears. To enlarge your chart, select it and then drag a circle on the boundary of the box plot to expand it.

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