How to make a scatter plot in Excel

How to make a scatter plot in Excel

Excel comprises numerous formats of data including text, numbers, graphs, statistical pages, pdfs, hyperlinks and many more. The diverse and authentic executions of Formatting needs in excel has not only made it usable for personal needs but also huge enterprises, organizations, and groups use Excel to store and manipulate data at times to meet the data handling requirements. From linear arrangements to tabular formats excel is prominent with its expectations from the users. One such feature contributed from excel is it’s accessibility to create scatter plots in excel.

What is Scatter Plot?

Scatter plot is the mathematical approach used to represent the relationship or data related with two variables. Their coordinates are traced using dots over the graphical orientation of the X and Y axis. Sometimes the variables X and Y represent a coded version. In such cases a third extra constant variable is used to trace the coordination between the previous two variables.

During data handling scatter plot are used to represent the terminological relationships between the data under handling.

Here we will look into how to make scatter plots in excel with simple steps:

Before we dive into the procedure, make it clear that line chart and scatter chart are not the same. Their plotting with the horizontal and vertical axis differs.

Step 1: Save your data in Excel Workbook. Make sure you use two variables for plotting the scatter chart. Once you create a tabular form for instance Sr no. , Variable A, Variable B and then the respective data below. Save the file.

Step 2: Now click on the insert option in the ribbon of excel workbook and then select Insert Scatter(X,Y) or Bubble chart.

 Step 3:  Now click on Scatter. Note: You can Hover mouse on icons to read it’s names.

Step 4: Click on the design layout page to get the details regarding the format.

Step5: Click on Design options and select the appropriate layout you want your scatter plot to be like.

Step 6:  Now you can click on the chart title and edit the title as per your requirement. Note that right clicking on the title and then selecting fonts enable you to change the font type and size of the text. You can also change the colour.

Step 7:  Now the most important step is adding chart elements.

  1. Select the primary horizontal for horizontal axis.
  2. Select the primary vertical for the vertical X axis.
  3. You can click on each title and edit the details.
  4. To add other elements click on Chart elements and select the appropriate elements you need in your scatter plot.
  5. For plotting area select Char Elements>> Plot area. Here you can change the style, alignment ,text format too.

Step 8: Users can explore many features in this tab including the themes colors and layout options. Even you can change the chart type later.

Step 9: Now you have to do one thing you have to save your work, don’t forget to do it.

Here you go now. Your scatter plot is ready for presentation purposes.

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