How to Make a Table on MS Excel or How to convert any Data into Table in Excel

How to Make a Table on MS Excel

How to Make Table on MS Excel or How to convert any Data in Table in Excel

In this article, I am going to show you how to make or create a table in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Below I am going to share every step for “How to Create Table in Excel”.

Follow below full article to know How to Make a Table in Excel with very easy steps.

Step 1:- The very first step is to open a spreadsheet where you want to create or make a table.

Step 2:- After opening, then select the cells by using your mouse’s left button and drag them into the data.

Step 3:- Then click the “Insert” option on the above menu. Then find or locate the “Tables” group.

Step 4:- Then, click ok tables, then one dialogue box will appear on your screen.

Step 5:- If your data has a heading on the first column then you need to click the box “My table has the header”, if not then uncheck the box simply.

Step 6:- After this, check your range is correct or not, if all is correct then click the button OK.

Step 7:- Then, resize your following rows and columns and make this neat and clean or fairly visible to other viewers.

Also Know:

Few tips to make your table more attractive and unique from others


•     Select your table and bold the corners of your table, for you need to click on the home button then, click on borders and select the border type which you need to apply to your table.

•     If you want to make your table more fancy and colourful, then drag and select your table and click on Insert -> Table them click on Design on the above menu and search your favourite colour combinations and click OK to apply.

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