How to merge cells in Excel

How to merge cells in Excel

Microsoft Excel has been a prominent tool for data storage, analysis, and processing. It supports various functionalities that help users to modify data according to the requirement.

The arrangement of data and their modification in excel comprise many features and variabilities. Among which merging and unmerging functionalities are widely used in recent modifications.

The reason for merging cells while using Excel is as follows:

  1. To align the text in the middle.
  2. Formatting
  3. Centering

During the further read, we will look upon the ways to merge cells in Excel and their advantages.

Method 1: Using Concatenate function

  • This method is used when users don’t want to erase or delete data in any of the cells. If the data is available in multiple rows or columns, this way of merging cells is acceptable.
  • Suppose you want to merge column A1 and A2 and save the output in column B1.
  • Then write CONCATENATE(A1,A2) in the function space. Here you can also add a separator in between using the quotes. For instance CONCATENATE (A1,” “,A2). The separator can be text, number, symbol or a blank space.
  • This is the bestest way to merge the columns in excel.

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Method 2: Using Merge and Center

  • Select the cell with whom you want to merge it.
  • After doing this you need to press the shift key and then have to select the aligned cells.
  • Once the selection is done visit Home>>Merge and Center.
  • Remember while doing this, make sure that there is no data in all the cells. The data in the left most cell is considered.
  • Microsoft Excel also gives pop up to notify you about this functionality of data that is present in more than one cell.

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Method 3: Using Formatting tool

  • Select the cells you want to merge using shift key or cursor/mouse. Make sure the cells are now highlighted.
  • Now visit the path from the workbook ribbon Home>>Format cell. The dialogue box popped up. Here you can also press the keyboard shortcut ctrl+1 to open the respective dialogue box.
  • Visit the alignment tab from the dialogue box.
  • Hit on merge cell dialogue box.
  • Now click center.
  • You have successfully merged the row cells now and brought the text in the middle.

In this way, one can easily merge cells in Excel sheets and enjoy Formatting and handling their data. Merging cells row-wise or column-wise has various methods. Depending on the requirement and the objective for merging one can select the appropriate procedure.

Merging columns is an easy process however users need to be attentive while doing so. Most of the time the data can be lost due to some default rules in excel.

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