How To Multiply In Excel

How To Multiply in Excel

Multiplication is used to create the duplicate of a number and estimate the many quantity values. Excel supports various mathematical formulations one of which is multiplication. In excel using some simple formulas, the user can estimate the multiplied value of a single number, two numbers, a number or a constant, two constants, a group of numbers and a constant, and many more other combinations.

During the further read, we will acknowledge the ways of multiplication in Excel. But before we dive into the topic make sure you are aware of the terms columns, rows, and cells in Excel.

Follow the below procedure to carry out

Multiplication in excel sheet

Step 1: Enter the value 1 to be multiplied in a cell.

Step 2: Enter the other value to which the value 1 is to be multiplied in the other cell (make sure it is not placed in the same column as to value 1).

Step 3: Now in the aligned cell, give sign =, and state the names of columns with an asterisk symbol in the middle of them.

For instance: =A1*B1

Step 4: Using the above-mentioned method your multiplied answer will get automatically entered into the aligned cell.

Step 5: Similarly if you want to multiple, multiple values, you can go for =A1*B1*A2*B3

Here the variable names are nothing but names of columns having values in it.

Ways to multiply multiple columns in Excel

As mentioned above using if you want to multiple, multiple values, you can go for    =A1*B1*A2*B3

Here the variable names are nothing but names of columns having values in it.

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If you want to multiple the entire column by a particular constant follows the below procedure

This case is a bit different from the previous one. Here if you want to multiply a certain Column with a similar number which is called constant in mathematical terms, you can follow the below procedure. Generally the constant is pi=3.14, in the case of interest calculation, it can be a particular interest rate, etc.


Using this formula where A1 represents the column name where all the unique values are entered.

Here, B represents the constant indication

Whereas, the last 3 is the actual constant to which it is required to multiply. Use of $ sign is essential as per the representation in excel rules. Using this you can deliver your output result in the aligned column.

Reviewing multiplication in Excel

Point 1: =B1*B2

Used for multiplication of values present in two distinct columns named b1 and B2. The output gets stored in an aligned new column/cell.

Point 2: =PRODUCT(C1,C5)

C1 to C5 are the row numbers in a particular column named C. Using the operator we can multiply the entire row ranging from cell 1 to cell 5 and store the result in the aligned cell.

Point 3: =A1*$B$3

Used for multiplication of column values with a particular constant value.

Point 4: =PRODUCT(C1:C5,5)

PRODUCT Is the inbuilt function that makes multiple operations simultaneously possible. Here we are multiplying c1 to C5 and then multiplying the result with a constant 5.

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