How to Password Protect Excel

How to Password Protect Excel

Excel files usually contain data stored for Formatting and analysis points of view. For any type of data, it is mandatory to secure it, especially when there are third-party confidential data. Therefore keeping this demand in action  Excel allows to protect its files using a password, set by the modified admin.

This makes sure that next time when users open the file they need to enter the setup password and access the file. Also, this reduces the leak of information.

To list of needs of password protect the excel file are as follows

  1. To allow the accessibility of data to the authorised users.
  2. To maintain the confidentiality of data.
  3. To store and maintain private information.
  4. To stay assured with your data even when your device is lost or so.

Here we will look into methods and steps to encrypt or password protects the excel file in ten easy steps

  • Step 1: Open Excel workbook and create a file.
  • Step2 : Enter the data in file as you usually do.
  • Step 3: Now Go to ribbon and click on Save As.
  • Step 4: Click on Browser Option.
  • Step 5: Enter the name of the file as per your convenience.
  • Step 6: On the very same dialogue box you will notice a Tools option below. It would open a dropdown when clicked.
  • Step 7: Click on Tools.
  • Step 8: Now hit on General Options.
  • Step 9: Here you will see two text inputs one to open the file and other to modify the file. The open once will allow the read only file to you. Enter the password in the open tab.
  • Step 10: click on Save. Now you will be redirected to re-enter the password page.input the same password there.

Well, now you are done. Your file is now encrypted to open and modify rights.

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Method 2: Using the file encryption technique.

Excel comprises a variety of information so handling of Excel files should also be reliable enough to face the challenges of cyber techniques in this globalized world. Here we will look into another method to encrypt Excel files.

Step1: Visit and open the particular Excel workbook file which you aspire to be protected.

Step2: Hit the file icon and visit the Info page.

Step3: Protect Workbook >> Encrypt with Password. Follow the above clicking steps and visit the dialogue box.

Step4: The user will be now redirected to enter the desired password and protect the file for further purposes. Make sure you remember the password perfectly. It is suggested to write or store the keynotes or hint of the password somewhere.

Finally, click on the ok symbol and here you go your file is encrypted now and could be shared in a protected format.

Important measures to consider while setting a password and encrypting the file

  1. Make sure you remember the password used for encryption.
  2. Once the password is lost, you couldn’t recover the file by any means.
  3. Never share the password alongside the file on social media or through emails.

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