How to sort out VBA ambiguous name detection error

How to sort out VBA ambiguous name detection error

VBA stands for Visual Basic for Applications of Microsoft’s event-driven programming language.  The VBA programming language was upgraded in 2010 as Microsoft did not update the pre-NET visual base. According to some who had joined in surveys undertaken by Stack Overflow, stated that VBA now holds its position as the most dreaded language for developers.

Ambiguous name

‘Ambiguous name’ refers to having a duplicate name somewhere in the VBA code. It defines that VBA is not able to run the macro but it is trying to run.  Having multiple duplicates – such as a block of code has been identical. To detect the ambiguous names, you have to go through each macro to ensure you own unique names.

Error working with VBA

During the work with VBA, an error would pop up while running the procedure. This error is called ” VBA Ambiguous name detected “. In this article, the error and the solution from this will be shared.

The reason behind this error?

The reason behind this error is stated that, while the VBA engine detected more than one procedure in the same module with the same name, the error is reported by VBA.

How to resolve this error?

The resolve procedure is easy to simplify this error. You cannot consider two same procedures with both the names in a singular module. You have only to choose either to change the procedure name or you can replace it with some other module. At the time of working on Excel, this error pops up.

To resolve this, let take an example case, through the case studies the resolution process will be informed.

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Case studies with solutions

The causes of VBA ambiguous name detected are

  • Case 1

The situation occurs when more than a single object in the same scope may have elements with the same name.  You can make the element name by incorporating the object name and a period. For example: object property

  • Resolve

The identifiers of Module-level and project-level contain module names and relevant project names which may be reutilized in a procedure. However, it makes programs tougher to operate and debug. If you want to prefer both items in the same procedure, the item having large scope should be reused. For instance, if my id is considered at the module level of my module, and then the variable of procedure-level is considered as the identical name in the module which is relevant to the module-level variable that should be appropriately qualified.

  • Case 2

An identifier proclaimed at module-level disputes with a procedure name. For instance, this error takes place if the variable of my id appears at the module level.  Then the procedure is defined as the identical name.

  • Resolve

Considering this case, you have to change one of the names because qualification with a general module name would not sort out the ambiguity. Though Procedure names are Public by default, variable names are Private is specified as Public.


This is how one can sort out the VBA ambiguous name detected an error in Excel VBA. Hope this article was helpful and informative for your clarification about any doubt regarding this.

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