How to Transpose in Excel

How to Transpose in Excel

Transpose means rotation or you can say change of alignment. The term transpose is mostly used in matrix functionality, however, there are situations in real life where we need to change the orientation of certain things. Considering the transpose in excel implies the change of rows to columns and columns to rows.

Excel is predominantly the only template widely used that allows Formatting and alignment of data. Here we will look at different methods of transposing in excel to meet our Formatting objectives.

Need of Transposing in Excel

Transposing is required in many cases especially when you want to add certain additional information about the primary key in the data. The prominent features addressed using transposing are as follows:

  1. As mentioned, the first basic need is for alignment purposes.
  2. Addition or subtraction data units.
  3. For encapsulation of data.

Method 1

  • This method can be normally preferred by individuals who aren’t aware about the functionalities of the excel workbook.
  • Using the copy option from the keyboard shortcuts or through the right click method and then pasting using the transpose option, helps users to auto rotate the rows to columns and columns to rows.
  • However, during this there are higher chances of duplicacy of data and includance of redundant stuff. Therefore it is evident that this method is not so efficient for transposing in excel.
  • To conclude the method we can state that:
  • Copy the cells
  • Paste the cells
  • Apply transpose option.

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Method 2

  • This method is preferable to avoid the bug that happened during the transpose formatting using the previous method.
  • We all know Excel comes with the functional formatting too. Using the Transpose function, one can efficiently transpose the set of rows and columns in Excel.
  • The detailed procedure is as follows:
  • =TRANSPOSE(A1,B5) is the function used to transpose in excel where, A1 and B5 represents the starting and final position of the cells under formatting.

Errors while transposing in Excel

Well, generally most people follow the first method mentioned above for transpose Formatting. However, in the case of large data, excel sometimes generates popups that transpose error occurred.

This happens due to several reasons as mentioned below

  1. Selected or copied more number of rows and columns than the permitted limit of excel application.
  2. The selected cells for pasting aren’t equal/ in proportion to that of the copied cells.
  3. Data comprises hyper links or files- unsupported.

Therefore, one needs to be well aware of the data handling limits of excel If he or she is planning to modify data through excel. It’s a safer side to maintain the copy of the file under Formatting to avoid the loss of data. In case of larger data Formatting be certain about the instructions. Never go for cut and paste. Always copy first, then paste, and then delete the previous.

In such a way one could easily convert, modify and assert the functions in Excel. Using functional Formatting is always better than using the shortcut keys or on-screen option clicks.

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