How to unmerge cells in Excel

How to unmerge cells in Excel

Formatting helps users to recreate instances and favorable outcomes according to the needs. A proper alignment, margin, and orientation give a document a formal structure and an understandable layout. Therefore, Excel provides enormous ways to do things and even to revisit the changes.

One such task is Unmerging the merged cells. Cells are merged to orient to center and give the collective evaluation however, during changes and modification it sometimes becomes a requirement to unmerge the cells in excel.

Here, we will look at a few methods to unmerge cells in excel with few clicks and without losing the data.

Method 1: Using Undo Function

The first basic method to unmerge cells immediately after you merge them is through the undo option. Press Ctrl+ Z and reverse the merge formatting.

Using this, users can get back the previous formatting back without the change in data and its location.

Method 2: Using Merge and Center

Step 1: Select the merged columns using the shift key or the cursor.

Step 2: In the workbook, ribbon visits the Merge and Center drop down and click on the Unmerge button. This is available in the Alignment tab.

Note: User can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt+ H+ M+ C

Here the value present in the merged cell before unmerging will be seen in the first leftmost cell after unmerging. While the rest of the cells after unmerging will remain blank.

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Method 3: To unmerge cells in a table Using Format.

Unmerging cells in a table takes just four easy clicks as mentioned below:

  • Select the merged cell.
  • Visit the Format tab.
  • Now click on Table.
  • Hit on Unmerge cells.

Method 4: Using Go to Special

(This method will be used when users want to get back the original data back on the unmerged cell as before.)

As we have looked upon, the above methods of unmerging somewhere alter the data and keep the value at the leftmost cell selected. Certainly, in a few situations, users need to unmerge and replace the original data back to place. In such cases, this method of unmerging proves really useful.

Step 1: After the methods above, now the user will be getting blank cells, as data is shifted to the leftmost cell. Select all the unmerged cells now including the filled and blank.

Step 2: Using keyboard shortcut Ctrl+  visit the Goto dialog box. On that pop up select Special. A Go to Special dialog box will be clearly visible on your screen.


Users can visit the Find and Select Dropdown present on the workbook ribbon and select Go to Special.

Step 3: Select the check box with a Blank option in the dialog box.

Step 4: The user can see now, all the blank cells were automatically selected.

Step 5: Enter “=” sign in the blank cells and then you have to press the arrow key. After that, the name of that variable will be printed. For instance, =B1 would be displaced in the formula bar of the workbook.

Step 6: Press Ctrl+ Enter together.

Users will find all the original and preoccupied data of the cell filled up again in the empty unmerged cells.

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