How To Use an ISNA Excel

How To Use an ISNA Excel

Excel deals with numerous defects on a regular basis. The involvement of numerous functionalities and mathematical computation gives errors while handling huge data. This doesn’t mean that excel is insufficient with computations. However, it ensures that in some scenarios if defects occur, the system could detect and help resolve it too. Therefore, the excel Function library comprises some elemental functions that deal with impact analysis and detecting the occurrence of error.

One such function is ISNA function. ISNA deals with detecting #N/A error at the cell in the sheet.

What is the ISNA function and how is it used?

Basically, ISNA Excel is a function that delivers the existence of #N/A at a particular cell of the sheet. Generally, during calculations when we have merged or irregular data, the result comes with some error, either not applicable or else giving some deformities. In such a situation, ISNA Excel function helps to derive the presence of #N/A error in the sheet.

The ISNA function is an implicit call for the presence of the error however, using ISNA one could also detect and execute the #N/A explicitly.

The mathematical formulation for ISNA function is as follows:

Ø Presence of #N/A=ISNA (value)

Ø Implicit Call of the ISNA function: =ISNA(A1)

Where A1=Cell Name

Ø Explicit Call of ISNA function: =ISNA(NA)

Ø ISNA return type is always Boolean. It gives TRUE when #N/A is diagnosed else it gives FALSE. Therefore, a clear estimation is given independently of any probabilities.

Some of Facts regarding ISNA function:

Ø IS functions is a prominent group in the excel function library. IS functions are used to detect whether some error is generated after implementing some formulations/modifications on the data stored in excel file.

Ø ISNA belongs to this IS function library. In Excel Version 2003, this ISNA is used to detect the #N/A occurrence in the sheet.

Ø However, with upgrades in the Excel version, the functionalities changed. For Excel version 2007 and above IFERROR is used to check for redundant errors during the computation. Also, for versions 2013 and above the excel function IFNA is introduced to detect and inspect eh #N/A errors.

Functionalities of ISNA Excel Function:

ISNA deals with other functionalities too correlating with some other features. For example, using the ISNA COUNTIF function, the user is able to detect the range of data in a particular cell and implement the respective algorithm there. The COUNTIF function counts the cell value/count if the data residing meet certain requirements.

Other such comparable ISNA formula includes the MATCH function. The MATCH comes with () including the data or formulation to be compared. In such scenarios the deliverable is certain and accurate to the norms we persist.

Final Words:

Another parameter-based count includes a conditional approach. Certainly, while coding we implement some loops, in a similar fashion, in excel count if the function delivers the null or not null values in the sheet cells. Basically, the algorithm compares every cell data to the condition mentioned, if passed the data value is considered else it is ignored.

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