How to Use VLOOKUP Function in Excel

How to Use VLOOKUP Function in Excel

In this article, I am going to share with you, how to use VLOOKUP function in MS Excel with very easy steps. Follow below, easy and normal steps to know How to use VLOOKUP Function in MS Excel. But before this let me introduce what is VLOOKUP Function is. 

In MS-Excel VLOOKUP is a very and very common or most used function in MS Excel. VLOOOKUP means Vertical Lookup. With the use of this function, you can search any specific column, which you can see (table array) in the formula description. 

Step 1: Open your Excel spreadsheet where your data is stored or create data to perform VLOOKUP Function. 

Step 2: Suppose, we have a list or table of companies in which there is the name of an employee, employee ID, and Department of Employee in the table.

Step 3: Suppose, we need to find the Department of an employee, then click on any cell where you want to show your searched (department of employee) data.

Step 4: Start typing VLOOKUP Function formula in your selected cell, like this, =VLOOKUP(, after typing VLOOKUP hit Tab, after tab, you will see like this =VLOOKUP(lookup_value,table_array,col_index-num, [range_lookup]).

  • Lookup-value: Here, select the value, which you want to look up, for example in this we are looking for department of employee.
  • Table-array: in this you need to drag and select the whole table, where your all details of employees are present.
  • Col-index-num: because, in this we are looking for department of employee so, you need to look at the column where is it, count the row, if it is in 3rd then type 3, otherwise other where it is located. Then enter 0 or select FALSE (for exact value match). 

Step 5: Click “ENTER”.

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