What is a Name error in Excel?

Excel deals with computations and algorithms that define the exact propaganda of organizing and manipulating data. Well, though it sounds easy excel computational system needs to take care of exceptions and errors that occur. One such exception is the Name error in Excel.

Excel consists of multiple heading algorithms. It gives user accessibility to put your own names to cells so that users can use them as documentation or other deducing needs.

What is a Name error in excel?

While using excel, the user deals with numerous cells and it becomes mandatory to identify each cell with its unique name. The naming convention for the cells helps to use them while implementing formulas and functions. However, most excel users are not familiar with valid naming conventions. In such scenarios, name errors get introduced.

Also, in situations where we misspell the cell name or actually merge up with the uniqueness, excel is no more able to detect the cell. In such situations, it pops up that the mentioned name isn’t referenced or not available. In simpler terms, the error that occurred due to cell name mismatch is called a name error.

Name error occurrence can be found in below scenarios: –

  1. While setting up some formula in the sheet for a specific cell and user confuses the cell name.
  2. While referring the cell into another sheet of the same project.
  3. In data handling and query implementation.
  4. While using some cell specific functions.

#NAME error pops up mostly at times when the user explicitly renames the cell. It is always better to use the absolute naming conventions in order to keep #NAME error at bay.

How to resolve Name errors in Excel?

If you are stuck in a name error and finding a way to resolve it, make sure you surf through below mentioned points.

  1. Check if you have a typo mistake in the function statement or where you are using the name cell thing.
  2. Make sure that if you have enabled case sensitivity for your sheet, you are entering the correct case of your name.
  3. If you’re confused with a typo, let the excel automatically deduce the name.
  4. Procedure for above step includes>>Formulas>>Defined Name Group>>Use in Formula
  5. One can also automate using a name manager.
  6. Recheck and correct the range you entered for fetching the cells.
  7. Check whether you are using proper punctuation and symbols if added. Name should be in double quotes.

By using the above must ensure points one can easily make a way through juggling name errors in excel.

There is nothing as a concern if you found a name error after setting up the entire data in excel. It is one of the common errors excel users encounter at beginner as well as advanced levels.

Hiding error:

If it still feels hectic, one can also hide the errors in excel using the IFERROR function. Hiding errors makes the document seem understandable for new viewers and feel a bit comfortable to explain.

However, the deformities remain the same. If an error is in the execution of some formula, the user still won’t be able to implement the formula

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